The 5 Coolest Things We Did With Our Digital Portal (SampleKinect) This Year

By Nate Ensrud

A great digital tool can make a big difference in how you work with a vendor, and that’s definitely true with your contract laboratory.  Five years ago, we made our first attempt at building a great digital tool with the introduction of SampleKinect.  Since that time we’ve listened to our customers, and we’ve made several sets of changes, both big and small.  About a year ago, we mapped out the biggest set of changes yet, so here are the 5 things customers talked about the most to us.

  1. Streamlined Ordering

Customers told us that ordering was the toughest thing to do in SampleKinect, so we’ve built a guided order that makes it clearer and easier to get an order entered.  This includes separate steps for entering sample info, picking tests, and including specifications.  And now, each of those steps can be completed in one screen.


  1. Easier Repeat Ordering

For customers who work with Food Integrity and Innovation consistently, the easiest way to complete an order is to use previous samples, and simply copy the same sample info, test selections, and specifications.  This was always an option in SampleKinect, but we’ve made it easier to find with a shopping cart-style selection, and it’s now on the home page, to boot.


  1. Filtering Test Selections

We listened. Picking the right test for their sample was sometimes an unintended obstacle to completing an order, and they felt extra time was spent if they had to call their customer service associate (CSA). Good news! We’ve made it simpler. Users can now add the option to filter tests using the sample type. All they need to do is pick the type of sample to be tested, and then see only the tests that are applicable for that type of sample.


  1. Requesting Retests

One of the more common requests we have received from customers is to perform retesting on a sample or conduct an investigation and issue a report for out-of-specification results. Previously, this required a phone call or e-mail.  Well, we’ve greatly streamlined this process. We’ve added the option for customers to make these requests right in SampleKinect. Users can now see the results and quickly get retesting started and request an investigation report right in the SampleKinect tool.


  1. Status Checks from the Home Screen

Receiving an update on the status of their testing was something our customers wanted to know more easily. In short, when will they get their results?  Again, we’ve improved the ease for our users by adding a quick drop down for all in-progress orders that’s visible right from the home screen.  Now, it’s easy to check on expected timing as soon as you log into SampleKinect.

While we’ve spent the last year making some pretty big changes to SampleKinect, we’re not done.  We’d love to hear from you!  Customer feedback is the key to driving continued improvements in the tools we provide to you.  We plan to continue evolving the system as we become part of the Eurofins family.  So, if you have questions or feedback or requests for other changes, please contact your CSA or sales rep.